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1:0 Victory for Ukrainians! We are the Soccer City Champions.

On September 29, 2007 Ukraine United played a semi-final and final games in Soccer City Champions League. In the semi-final game, Ukraine United beat Esplande FC by the score 3:0. Goals scorers: Roman Derkach (2), Konstantyn Dubovinskiy. Final game was played against Portugal F.C. The game was very hard since both teams were very competitive. 90 minutes into play the winner was still unpronounced. Five minutes before penalty shots in the second half of the extra time, Ukraine United scored a miraculous goal by Eugene Ishchak from the free kick and playing with a man down. (A.Kis was sent off at 77th minute). This was a golden goal!!! 1:0 victory for Ukrainians! Currently Ukraine United already has 2 other cups, which were both won this season. One, The Ukrainian Independence Day Tournament Cup and the second, Soccer City West 1 Division Championship. The third win was the biggest win so far. It has earned us a title of the champions of the Soccer City Champions League. The tournament had a total of 54 teams participating, including Ukraine United. Ukraine United has one more opportunity to take another cup home. Our next, and final game of the season will be played in Ontario Soccer League George Finnie Cup Finals. Ukraine United will meet Toronto Blues in a final game. This game will be played on Sunday, October 21st, 2007 at Ontario Soccer Center.


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