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News Archives from 2007 Games

Soccer City League, Premier Division On October 19th, FC Ukraine United played their second indoor game in Soccer City League, Premier Division againstMirage. After first half, Ukraine United were winning 1:0 (Goal: E. Ishchak). In the second half, Ukrainians scored three goals by S. Marchak, R. Derkach, Y. Hlyva ,while the opponent scored only one goal. 4:1 final score and first win in this season! Lineup: #1.N. Zemskov, #2.Y. Hlyva, #3.R. Derkach, #4.K. Gromyko, #5.E. Ishchak, #9.Z. Hamzaev, #11.S. Marchak, #13.A. Malychenkov, #15.O. Kaplun,.

Soccer City League, Premier Division On October 12th, Ukraine United played their first indoor game in Soccer City League, Premier Division against SFRJ. After first half, Ukraine United were winning 2:0 (Goals: R. Derkach and O. Kaplun). In the second half, only one goal was scored by R. Derkach, while the opponent scored three. 3:3 final score. Lineup: #1.N. Zemskov, #2.Y. Hlyva, #3.R. Derkach, #4.K. Gromyko, #5.E. Ishchak, #6.K. Dubovinskiy, #15.O. Kaplun, #11.S. Marchak, #10.M. Voytsehovskiy.

On September 30th, 2007, Ukraine United played their last game of the regular season in Ontario Soccer League againstWestway. This game meant very little to us because regardless of the score, we would still be in the third place. Only 3 players from the main squad played in this game. All others were picked from the reserve team. Westway scored in the first half. After a half time Ukraine United leveled the score by M. Voytsehovskiy (17th of the season). 1:1 the final.Lineup: 1.A.Kis, 2.Y. Hlyva, 6.M.Glynnyy, 18.T.Glynnyy, 24.A. Fes'kiv, 12.N.Zemskov , 10.M.Voytsehovskiy, 11.S.Marchak, 16.R.Denys, 25.Y.Blyznuk, 17.K.Dubovinskiy.

On September 24, 2007, Ukraine United played a final play off game in Soccer City League against Astra at Centennial Stadium. From the first minute of this game, both teams played well, creating many chances to score, but Ukrainians got ahead by scoring the first goal on the 10th minute by Nazar Derkach. 1:0 after the first half. Second half was very similar to the first. Astra was trying hard to tie the game, however fifteen minutes before the whistle, Ukraine United caught the opponent on the counter attack and scored another beautiful goal (Roman Derkach).2:0 for Ukraine United! Five minutes later, Astra finally scored, yet it wasn't enough to come out as a winner. 2:1 victory for Ukraine United and hard-earned Soccer City West 1 Division Championship Cup! After this victory, Ukraine United advanced into the semi-final of 6 winners of the Champions League, skipping the quarter-finals. Lineup: 1.N. Zemskov, 2.Y. Hlyva, 3.M.Derkach, 4.K. Gromyko 5.E. Ishchak, 13.A. Malychenkov , 10.N.Derkach, 11.S.Marchak, 16.R.O. Kolobanov, 25.Z. Hamzaev, 17.K.Dubovinskiy. Subs:14.A.Fes'kiv, 17.D.Tkachenko, 19.R.Denys, 12.A.Kis.

On Sunday, September 23rd, FC Ukraine United played 13th game of the season in Ontario Soccer League againstHomenetmen, the team with the least points in the league. Only one goal was scored in the first half by S. Marchak. In the second half Ukrainians scored another three goals by M. Voytsehovs'kiy (two, one from penalty shot) and Y. Hlyva. By the end of the game Homenetmen had a good chance to score at least one goal in this game, but our goalie A. Kis made an easy save from penalty shot! 4:0 the final! Lineup: 12.N.Zemskov, 2.Y. Hlyva, 3.R.Derkach, 6.M.Glynnyy, 18.T.Glynnyy, 22.O.Kolobanov, 9.Z.Hamzaev, 10.M.Voytsehovskiy, 11.S.Marchak, 16.A.Nikitins, 5.E.Ishchak.

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