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FC Ukraine United are the winners of George Finnie Ontario Cup!!!

On October 21st, FC Ukraine United played their final game of this outdoor season (George Finnie Ontario Cup Final)against Toronto Blues. From the first minute of the game Ukraine United had complete possession of the ball. On the 5th minute E. Ishchak hit the cross bar. Then, five minutes later Ukrainians scored a goal (by playing coach A. Malychenkov). Following the first goal, the game slowed down, however our team kept full control of the ball. Meanwhile, the opponent had no chances to score. 1:0 after the first half. In the second half, Ukraine United kept pursuit of the ball. There were plenty of chances to score. A few excellent chances but unfortunate misses were carried out by S.Marchak, E. Ishchak, Z. Hamzaev. On the 75th minute, one of the Toronto Blues' players was issued a red card for initiating a conflict into a fight. After that, Ukraine United kept on attacking the opponent, but forgetting about the defense. During this period Blues had a nice chance to tie the score, but our goalie N. Zemskov made an easy save. That was their only chance to tie the game in the whole match. Few minutes later M. Voytsehovs'kiy had a breakaway and hit the post. In the last ten minutes, ten opposing players desperately tried to attack with everything that they had, however they had little opportunity to get a clear shot. Ten minutes before the whistle, Ukraine United finally scored their second and final goal after a beautiful combination by our best scorer in the league this season M.Voytsehovs'kiy. 2:0 final score for Ukraine United!!! After the game the whole team and their fans gathered together to celebrate their victory at Sheraton Hotel Restaurant on Queen St. We were accompanied by a local television crew, which stayed throughout the game and the celebration to film our upcoming documentary. We want to thank everyone who believed in us and supported us throughout the whole season, especially to all our sponsors, fans, friends and families!

Line-up (from left to right): #25. N. Derkach, #14. P. Shymanskiy, #17. S. Kadirov, #2. Y. Hlyva, #13. A. Malychenkov, #19. Z. Hamzaev, #5. E. Ishchak, #10. M. Voytsehovs'kiy, #21. R. Barsuk, #7. V. Koval, #15. O. Kaplun, #1. A. Kis, #3. R. Derkach, #21. A. Fes'kiv, #6. M. Glynniy, #12. N. Zemskov, #25. K. Dubovinskiy, #16. A. Nikitins, #4. K. Gromyko, #11. S. Marchak.

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