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FC Ukraine United are the winners of 2008 Ukrainian Independence Day Tournament

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 FC Ukraine United participated in the 2nd Annual Ukrainian Independence Day Tournament with seven other Ukrainian teams. In the last year's competition, FC Ukraine United were the winners. In this year's tournament FC Ukraine United played with two teams: FC Ukraine United-1 and FC Ukraine United-2. Eighth teams were divided in two groups:

Group A SKIF-1 USC Karpaty-2 FC Ukraine United-1 Slavutych Group B USC Karpaty-1 SKIF-2 SA Ukraina FC Ukraine United-2

In the group stages both teams FC Ukraine United-1 and FC Ukraine United-2 played three games each. FC Ukraine United-1 played against USC Karpaty-2 9-0 win, Slavutysh 7-0 win and SKIF-1 3-5 loss. FC Ukraine United-2 played also three games against UCS Karpaty-1 3-4 loss, SA Ukraina 2-0 win and SKIF-2 9-1 win.


2:30 pm FC Ukraine United-2 - SKIF-1 1-1(2-0 pen) 3:30 pm FC Ukraine United-1 - USC Karpaty-1 5-0 Final: 4:30 FC Ukraine United-1 - FC Ukraine United-2 3-0

FC Ukraine United-1 once more, second year in the row are the winners of Ukrainian Independence Day Tournament!

Also there were three other awards: The Best Scorer in the tournament - Vladimir Koval (12 goals) FC Ukraine United-1 Mykola Voytsehovskiy from FC Ukraine United-1 scored 10 goals in the tournament.

The Best Goalkeeper in the tournament - Dmiriy Lavrentiev FC Ukraine United-2

The Best Player of the tournament - Andriy Yaroshenko SKIF-1

FC Ukraine United very thankful to our sponsors, fans, families, friends and everyone else who shared this beautiful event with us and cheered for our team!


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