Ontario Soccer League & Soccer City League, Spring/Summer 2008 Archives

July 31, 2008

Ontario Soccer League
  On Friday, October 17th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their last game in the season against one of the best teams in Ontario Real Toronto in the George Finnie Cup Final.
   Julio Garcia scored a header in the stoppage time to give Real Toronto late 2-1 victory against FC Ukraine United at Ontario Soccer Centre Stadium.
  The game's first scoring threat came in the fifteenth minute when Real's defender stole the ball in the back then dribbled the ball up to about 20 yards out before releasing the ball to RT forward Garcia. Garcia's shot was saved by United goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov.
   Ukrainians answered back right the way. Mykola Voytsehovskiy missed two 100% chances to score in the middle of the half.
   Minutes later, RT midfielder Hayden Fitzwilliams opened the scoring in the 33rd minute at the end of a lengthy Real possession in which they sent the ball back and forth just outside the penalty area until it ended up on the left side. Fitzwilliams sent a clear shot past Zemskov for a 1-0 lead.
   The second half was much more wide open, both teams were creating more chances to score.
   Finnaly FCUU had their way in the 66th minute, again enjoying unfettered possession in the middle of the Real's half. Eventually the ball ended up on the foot of Evgeniy Ishchak, and he blasted the shot from a tough angle deep on the right side to the far lower corner for a 1-1 tie.
   United then had another good opportunity of their own to take the lead, when Burim Konjuhi hit the cross bar just minutes later after a tying goal.
   Both teams enjoyed few more decent opportunities for the remainder of the game. 
   FCUU defender Yuriy Hlyva had been booked for the first time for a foul on RT forward in the 92nd minute just outside of the penalty area on the right side. Free kick for Real and perfect header byGarcia...Disappointing 2-1 loss in the stoppage time for FC Ukraine United.      
   We thank to all fans and sponsors who came to support us through the season!! 
 Goal scorers: #5. E.Ishchak. 
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  35' , #17.E.Glezer, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #11.B.Konjuhi,  #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #7.V.Koval,  #13.A.Malyshenkov, #5.E.Ishchak.
 #16.A.Nikitins, #15.O.Kaplun  66.
 Subs: #26.A.Mogiliov, #4.K.Gromyko.
  Coach: A.Malyshenkov. 


Ontario Soccer League
  On Friday, October 10th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their last game in the regular season against Zeta PSI FC.
   FC Ukraine United continued their 2008 dominance in Ontario Soccer League with a resounding 6-0victory on Friday night at Centennial Stadium
   Almost from the kickoff, it was the visitors who dominated play.  FCUU forward Vladimir Koval hit two crossbars and one post In the opening minutes of the game. Then, in the 21st minute all the FCUU hard work paid off as they took the lead after Mykola Voytsehovskiy's shot from 16 meters. It was the only goal in the first half.
   Just 5 minutes in the second half Andriy Mogiliov scored his first goal in the season to double the score.
   Just few minutes later, the FCUU onslaught continued. Mykola Voytsehovskiy scored another goal and his second in this match. 
   In the 61st minute, Efim Shevchenko had loads of room on the left flank and was able to send a cross to Mykola Voytsehovskiy, who didn't miss his chance for the third time in this game from the close range.
   Seventeen minutes later, Voytsehovskiy further added to the home side's misery when he put another one from 20 meters into the far corner.
   Last goal in this game scored Vladimir Koval on the breakaway, after stealing the ball from last defender.
      6-0 final score!   
   We thank to all fans who came to support us through the season!!
 Goal scorers: #10.M.Voytsehovskiy 21', 53' 61',78,  #26.A.Mogiloiv 50', #7.V.Koval 86',  
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C) , #17.E.Glezer,  #6.E.Mahnev, #11.B.Konjuhi,  #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #7.V.Koval,  #13.A.Malyshenkov, #5.E.Ishchak.
 #19.D.Lavrientiev, #22.E.Shevchenko.
 Subs:  #16.A.Nikitins, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #19.B.Kovel, #26.A.Mogiloiv
  Coach: A.Malyshenkov. 


Ontario Soccer League
  On Saturday, September 27th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their semifinal game in Ontario George Finnie Cup against FK Bosna Toronto. 
   FC Ukraine United continued their dominance over Bosnian side with resounding 3-0 victory on Saturday night at Ontario Soccer Centre Stadium.
   Vladimir Koval set the home team on their way in the 14th minute from a free kick into the right top corner.
   The second goal arrived at 28th minute after another fluid passing move. It was a simple move, rotating the ball from left to right. Short passes connected Yuriy Hlyva, Andrey Malyshenkov and Kiril Gromyko before Gromyko slid a diagonal ball into Zafar Hamzaev, who curled his effort around FKB's goalkeeper into the far corner.
  Ukrainian side continued to counterattack and found its third goal in inside the first quarter of the second half. Andrey Malyshenkov curled his third goal of the season in the back of the net from a corner kick. 
   In the 62nd minute, one of Bosnian forwards had a chance to pull one back but Nikita Zemskov made a nice stop at his shot. Ten minutes prior, the FCUU 'keeper made another solid save on an effort by FKB player. 
   3-0 final score! Second year in the row, FC Ukraine United qualified to Ontario George Finnie Cup Finals!!! 
   This game will be played sometime in October against winner of Magic AC - Real Toronto.
   We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
 Goal scorers: #7.V.Koval 14', #9.Z.Hamzaev' 28, A.Malyshenkov 50'.
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C) , #17.E.Glezer, #9.Z.Hamzaev, , #6.E.Mahnev, #11.B.Konjuhi,  #10.M.Voytsehovskiy 34', #7.V.Koval, #8.A.Ignatiev,
 #18.E. Khlynin, #14.O.Kaplun.
 Subs:  #16.A.Nikitins, #13.A.Malyshenkov, #19.B.Kovel, #4.K.Gromyko, 
  Coach: A.Malyshenkov. 

In other news: 
  On Monday, September 14th, 2008 FC Ukraine United were supposed to play their ninth game in the season against
 ACU Jaguars and were awarded 1-0 technical win due to disqualification of the opponent.
   Another two default 1-0 wins were awarded to FC Ukraine United on September 27th and 28th, when the opponent Toronto 2000 didn't show up to the games. 
   One more remaining game will be played in Ontario Soccer League for FC Ukraine United in this season against Zeta PSI FC and one more cup game in Ontario George Finnie Cup Final sometimes in October.


Ontario Soccer League
  On Sunday, September 21st, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their eleventh game in the season in Ontario Soccer League against Magic AC. 
   This game did not mean much for both teams. Ukrainians will be promoting to higher league next season - one of the Regional divisions, and Magic AC will start over in the same league and division.
   Burim Konjuhi and Vladimir Koval scored early goals for Ukrainians in the first half, but United could not overcome three unanswered goals that been scored by Magic AC players by the end of the half and fell 2-3 to Magic AC at 
G Ross Lord Park Stadium.
   Magic AC overcame FCUU's early two strikes and scored goals in the 23rd, 28th and 35th minutes to take a commanding one-goal edge heading into intermission.
   In the second half both teams created many chances to score , but no team came close to scoring.
  The best chance for Ukrainians to tie the game was in the 88th minute, when Evgen Ishchak was brought down in the penalty area, and right after he missed his chance to level the scoring from a penalty shot. MAC's goalkeeper made an easy save and earned 3 points for his team. 
   The loss kept FCUU in the second place, and made much slimmer chances to win the championship.
   2-3 final score, and it's a second defeat in the season for
 FC Ukraine United
   We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
 Goal scorers: #11.B.Konjuhi 10', #7.V.Koval 15'.
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  42', #7.V.Koval, #3.D.Radtchenko, #4.K.Gromyko, #14.D.Lavrentiev,#8.E.Glezer, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #15.O.Kaplun 55', #13.A.Malyshenkov, #11.B.Konjuhi. 
 Subs: #6.E.Mahnev, #16.A.Nikitins, #5.E.Ishchak, #23.N.Derkach, #19.B.Kovel.
 Coach: A.Malyshenkov.


In other news:

   On Monday, September 14th, 2008 FC Ukraine United were supposed to play their ninth game in the season against
 ACU Jaguars and were awarded 1-0 technical win due to disqualification of the opponent.
   Another two games for FC Ukraine United were postponed to later dates in Ontario Soccer League against Zeta PSI FC and FK Bosna Toronto in Ontario George Finnie Cup.

Ontario Soccer League
On Monday, September 8th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their tenth game in the season in Ontario Soccer League against FK Bosna Toronto. 
   For nearly 74 minutes, it seemed the United would see their  winning streak and stint atop the MJ West Division come to an end.
   But then in a span of 16 minutes, Ukrainians exposed 
FK Bosna with two defense-spitting goals before holding on for a 3-2 come-from-behind victory Monday night at Ontario Soccer Centre Stadium.
   A Efim Shevchenko's header put the home side ahead just 10 minutes into the game after a perfect cross from Evgeniy Glezer, but Vedran Narancic in the first half and Edin Kalic in the second put FKB in the driver's seat.
   Andrey Malyshenkov pulled a goal back for United on 74th minute from a free kick.
   The draw lasted 11 minutes as Evgeniy Ishchak quickly redeemed himself, scoring the winning goal in this game!
   3-2 final score! 
   FC Ukraine United won their ninth game in this season and splitting first and second place with Real Toronto in the league with 9-0-1 record!
    We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
 Goal scorers: #22.E.Shevchenko 10', #13.A.Malyshenkov 74', #5.E.Ishchak 85'.
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  42'  87',  #3.D.Radtchenko, #16.A.Nikitins, #22.E.Shevchenko, #6.E.Glezer,  #5.E.Ishchak, #9.Z.Hamzaev 25', #8.E.Khlynin, #13.A.Malyshenkov, #27.A.Mogiliov.
 Subs: #6.E.Mahnev, #19.B.Kovel, #4.K.Gromyko.
 Coach: A.Malyshenkov


Ontario Soccer League
    On July 31st, 2008 FC Ukraine United played a quarter final game in Ontario George Finnie Cup against  East Division team Scarborough Rangers.
     FCUU picked apart the defense of the Scarborough Rangers early and often on its way to a convincing 7-2 victory on Thursday evening at their home field at Soccer Centre Stadium.
    It marked the second consecutive win for the FCUU side in this year's Cup competition and assured them of moving onto a semifinal game sometime in August against the winner of Weston SC - FK Bosna.
    It wasn’t long before Ukrainian side did open the scoring, however, as Vladimir Koval scored to put the United on top,  1-0, in the 8th minute.
    Mykola Voytsehovskiy produced a second unassisted goal in the 15th minute to put FCUU up 2-0. Voytsehovskiy dribbled around few Rangers defenders and let fly from about 8 meters out, rifling a quick bomb past Scarborough's goalkeeper into the back of the net.
    FCUU wasted no time getting its third goal of the game when Vladimir Koval scored literally minutes later his second goal in the game. 3-0 after one.
    Vladimir Koval put the result beyond all doubt just five minutes into second half. Koval finally completed his triple after another spectacular cross from Burim Konjuhi. 4-0
    Trailing by four goals, the visitors began to push forward in the second half and finally scored one goal back from a free kick. 4-1
    Just minutes later, Burim Konjuhi found himself one on one with the Rangers goaltender and made no mistake by flipping the ball over him into the back of the net. 5-1
   But it didn't take long for FCUU to add to their advantage. In the 72nd minute, Voytsehovskiy's shot was driven powerfully into the left lower corner as Rangers goalkeeper fell to his left and the United were up 6-1.
   The visitors scored ones again, after FCUU goaltender Nikita Zemskov made a terrible mistake by loosing the ball in his penalty area trying to dribble two SR forwards. 6-2
    Two minutes before the whistle, Yuriy Hlyva had an easy pass to Yuriy Khatchaturov in front of SR's goalkeeper and Khatchaturov tapped home his first goal of the season.
     7-2 final score! 
    We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
 Goal scorers: #7.V.Koval 8', 25', 50', #10.M.Voytsehovskiy 15', 72' #11.B.Konjuhi 66', #18.Y,Khatchaturov 88'.
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  77' , #4.K.Gromyko, #3.D.Radtchenko, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy  80', #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer, #11.B.Konjuhi , #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.V.Koval, #8.E.Khlynin  72'.
 Subs: #19.B.Kovel, #6.E.Mahnev.
 Coach: A.Malyshenkov.


Ontario Soccer League
   On July 26th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their eight game in the season against Zeta PSI FC. Only eleven players were available  for Ukrainian side in this game due to many injuries.
  Ukrainians had taken the lead in the 29th minute after Dmitriy Radtchenko gave a perfect pass to Vladimir Koval who made no mistake on the breakaway.1-0
   Just six minutes later, Burim Konjuhi doubled the score after his powerful shot into far, lower corner.2-0
  Moments later, FCUU almost made it 3-0 after Vladimir Koval missed his next chance on the breakaway, but Zeta survived the threat with a well positioned goaltender able to clear forward's shot.
   With less than a half an hour left,  Zeta began to press forward looking for their first goal in this game. Then, just when it looked like Zeta would go home empty-handed, their captain finally scored for his team from a free kick.
   2-1 final score! FC Ukraine United won their seventh game in this season and remain first in the league with 7-0-1 record!
   We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorers: #7.V.Koval 29', #11.B.Konjuhi 35'.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C) , #3.D.Radtchenko, #13.A.Malyshenkov,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer,#19.B.Kovel, #9.A.Ignatiev, #6.E.Mahnev, #7.V.Koval, #8.E.Khlynin  72'.
Subs: None
Coach: A.Malyshenkov.


Soccer City League
On July 21st, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their ninth game in the season at Soccer City League against BBP. 
   The game was finished at 65th minute mark due to referees decision with 1-1 score.
Goal scorer for FC Ukraine United: V.Koval.
Line-up:  #99.F.Kovtun, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #6.E.Mahnev, #5.E.Ishchak,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer, #19.B.Kovel,#13.A.Malyshenkov, #4.K.Gromyko, #22.Y.Blyzniuk, #7.V.Koval.
Subs: #1.N.Zemskov, #3.T.Glynnyy, #16.N.Derkach, #14.Y.Sytnyk.

Soccer City League
   On July 16th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their eight game in the season at Soccer City League against SA Ukraina. 
  3-2 final score for SA Ukraina.
Goal scorers for FC Ukraine United: V.Koval, N.Zemskov.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C) , #14.Y.Blyzniuk,  #5.E.Ishchak,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.M.Grouzman, #19.B.Kovel,#9.Y.Sytnyk, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #8.N.Derkach, #7.V.Koval.


Soccer City League
   On July 12th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) were supposed to play their Second Round Cup game at Soccer City League against Wolfpack. 
   Ukrainians were awarded 1-0 win, because the opponent did not show up for the game. FC Ukraine United qualified to the Third Round and will meet BBP.

Ontario Soccer League
  On July 5th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their sixth game in the season in Ontario Soccer League against Weston SC.
  FC Ukraine United gained another victory against Weston SC in the home field at Soccer Centre Stadium Saturday night, a team which they played just a game prior, which resulted in a 4-2 win for FC Ukraine United.
  FCUU, who’s had a winning streak for the past five games, sent Weston SC packing with a 4-1 win.
  Weston SC took an early lead in the first minute of the game on the breakaway, after a mistake of FCUU defense. Goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov was not able to get enough of the ball to keep it out of the net. 1-0 for WSC.
  Ukrainians evened the score in the 26th minute, when Mykola Voytsehovskiy was pushed down from behind just on the edge of 18 yards box. Evgeny Ishchak stepped up and curled a wonderful shot in to the bottom corner to tie the game up. 1-1
  Ukrainians continued to push forward looking for the lead, and in the dying minutes of the first half a wonderful ball through by Yuriy Khatchaturov, gave Vladimir Koval perfect opportunity, however he was taken down in the penalty box, and awarded a penalty shot. Evgeny Ishchak calmly put away his second goal of the game to give FCUU a 2-1 lead going into the second half. 
  The goals continued in the second half, with the FCUU third goal in the 66th minute when Mykola Voytsehovskiy had a breakaway on WSC's goaltender and finished past him from close range. 3-1!
  Ukrainians rallied again to score with a well-worked goal in the 74th minute. Andrey Malyshenkov's through ball sentZafar Hamzaev one on one with WSC's goalkeeper, and Hamzaev made no mistake to finish, who's initial shot hit the post, but he was able to get his own rebound to score his first of the match. 4-1!
  United had three more chances late in the second half.  Defender Oleksander Kaplun missed the empty net, Burim Konjuhi had a breakaway, which was just denied by Weston SC defender, and Vladimir Koval fired a shot off the right post.
  4-1 final score!  FC Ukraine United won their sixth straight game in the season and remain first in the league with 6-0-0 record!
We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorers: #5.E.Ishchak 27',45'(pen), #10.M.Voytsehovskiy 66', #9.Z Hamzaev 74'.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C) , #14.O.Kaplun  72',  #5.E.Ishchak,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer,#11.B.Konjuhi , #9.Z.Hamzaev, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy  26', #8.E.Khlynin  32', #7.V.Koval.
Subs: #6.E.Mahnev, #4.K.Gromyko, #19.B.Kovel, #13.A.Malyshenkov, #3.D.Radtchenko, #16.D.Lavrentiev.
Coach: A.Malyshenkov. 
Resent scores in the league:
Zeta PSI FC - Magic AC   0-0
ACU Jaguars - Weston SC   2-3


Soccer City League
   On July 3rd, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their seventh game in the season against BBP at Soccer City League. 
   This game was played at BMO Field. Unfortunally, Ukrainians lost this game 2-3.
Goal scorers: V.Koval,  E.Mahnev.
 Line-up: #1.F.Kovtun, 12.N.Zemskov, #8.I.Koval,  #6.N.Derkach, #5.Y.Blyznuik, #10.D.Radtchenko, #7.V.Koval,#18.T.Glynnyy, #9.Y.Sytnyk, #13.Y.Hlyva, #14.E.Mahnev.
Subs:  None
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


Soccer City League
   On July 2nd, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their sixth game in the season against Strela at Soccer City League. Ukrainians played the whole game short, only with 10 players. V.Koval opened the scoring in the first half.Y.Hlyva double the score right after the break. However, Strela managed to come back in the last minutes. 
Final score - tie 2-2.
Goal scorers: V.Koval,  Y.Hlyva.
 Line-up: #1.F.Kovtun, 12.N.Zemskov, #8.Andriy ??,  #6.O.Kolobanov, #5.Y.Blyznuik, #10.E.Ishchak, #7.V.Koval,#18.Mihail ??, #9.Y.Sytnyk., #13.Y.Hlyva.
Subs:  None
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


Ontario Soccer League
  On June 30th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their fifth game in the season in Ontario Soccer League against Weston SC. Ukrainians extended its league winning streak to 5 games after a 4-2 away win against Weston SC Monday night at Soccer Centre Stadium. 
  The entertaining match between the league's highest scoring teams was contested at a tremendous rate of speed. United scored twice in each half to win the game going away and halt the Weston's stretch of two wins in their last two matches. 
   Ukrainians opened the scoring in 25th minute on the breakaway by Mykola Voytsehovskiy. United scored once more on a mistake by the opponents defender in the 43rd minute. Weston's defender awkwardly pushed down Andrey Malyshenkov from behind  into the penalty area after Malyshenkov collected a simple ball from the right side from Zafar Hamzaev. Evgen Ishchak calmly stepped up and buried his third goal of the season, his first on penalty kicks, to double the scoring. 2-0 after one!
   In the beginning of the second half, after numerous mistakes by FCUU defenders and goaltender Nikita Zemskov, Weston SC scored two quick goals just in 5 minutes to tie the game. United continued to attack and their effort was paid off in 68th minute, when Mykola Voytsehovskiy scored once more on the breakaway to put United ahead! FCUU put the game out of reach on one of the more simple goals Burim Konjuhi he has scored to make the score 4-2 in the 74th minute.
   Zafar Hamzaev had perhaps his best opportunity in the closing seconds of the match but his left-footed blast from 12 yards out was deflected away by a great reflex save by Weston's goalkeeper.
   4-2 final score!  FC Ukraine United won their fifth straight game and remain first in the league with 100% record!
We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorer: #10.M.Voytsehovskiy(2), #5.E.Ishchak (pen), #11.B.Konjuhi.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  33', #4.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer,#11.B.Konjuhi  66', #9.Z.Hamzaev, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #8.E.Khlynin,  #13.A.Malyshenkov  42'.
Subs: #6.E.Mahnev, #14.O.Kaplun, #7.A.Ignatiev.
Coach: A.Malyshenkov.


Ontario Soccer League
  On June 23rd, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their fourth game in the season in Ontario Soccer League against ACUJaguars. Ukrainians extended its league winning streak to 4 games after a 2-1 win against ACU Jaguars Monday night at their home field Soccer Centre Stadium. 
   Both teams had their share of chances, but never took command of a foul-filled and sometimes listless contest. The two sides were even in the opening minutes, as FCUU held the edge in ball possession while Jaguars had the better actual chances. It was the typical slow start for both clubs. The score remain 0-0 after 45 minutes.
 Ukrainians didn't make any halftime substitutions, and in fact FCUU showed a bit more life on attack to open the second half. United had a solid spell possession, but the opponent opened scoring first at 60th minute from the penalty spot. Ukrainians, meanwhile, kept threatening and creating chances when none seemed possible. Zafar Hamzaev came close to scoring after hitting a crossbar in 72 minute. Finally, in the 79th minute, Zafar Hamzaev  tied the score after a beautiful shot from 20 meters. Six minutes later, Ukrainians took a lead after Burim Konjuhi's goal just five minutes before the end.Ukraine United had one more crack at goal in the 90th minute. FCUU worked the ball along the top edge of the area. Konjuhi beat a defender and dribbled in alone on the opponents goalkeeper, but from close range could not score another goal.
   2-1 final score!  FC Ukraine United won their fourth straight game and remain first in the league with 100% record!
We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorer: #9.Z.Hamzaev, #11.B.Konjuhi.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #5.E.Ishchak,  #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer, #11.B.Konjuhi, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #3.M.Grouzman, #8.E.Khlynin, #14.O.Kaplun, #13.A.Malyshenkov.
Subs: #6.E.Mahnev, #22.F.Kovtun. 
Coach: A.Malyshenkov.


Soccer City League
On June 26th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their fifth game in the season at Soccer City League.
FC Ukraine United beat team Dynamo 4:0!
Goal scorers: V.Koval, M.Voytsehovskiy, E.Ishchak, Y.Hlyva.
 Line-up: 12.N.Zemskov, #8.O.Kaplun, #6.K.Gromyko, #5.Y.Blyznuik, #10.E.Ishchak, #7.V.Koval, #18.N.Derkach,#9.M.Voytsehovskiy, #13.Y.Hlyva, #15.T.Glynnyy,  #19.M.Grouzman.
Subs: #1.F.Kovtun, #17.D.Lavrentiev, #3.E.Mahnev, #16.Y.Sytnyk.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


Ontario Soccer League
  FC Ukraine United continued their dominance in the Ontario Soccer League with 1:0 away win against the RealToronto on Wednesday, June 18th at Ontario Soccer Centre Stadium. 
   It was FC Ukraine United, however, who had the best chance in the opening stages. In the sixteenth minute, Burim Konjuhi had a breakaway, fortunately for the Real, control him they did, as Konjuhi often found himself swarmed and stripped of the ball before he could pass to a teammate Mykola Voytsehovskiy. Real Toronto kept United honest on defense and nearly caught the Ukrainians on the counterattack. In the 33rd minute, FCUU defender Olexander Kaplun collided with Real's Kedian Lecky in a hard tackle that left Lecky lying on his back in the penalty area. It's a penalty kick and yellow card for Kaplun... Fortunally for Ukrainians, goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov superbly saved the opponent's penalty. 0:0 - after one.
   Real came out with more attacking vigor after the break, collecting two shots in the first 10 minutes of the half. In the 55 minute, Olexander Kaplun got his second yellow card after a dangerous tackle from behind. Ukrainians left with ten men. It was FCUU, however, that next found the back of the net. In one of the counterattacks, Mykola Voytsehovskiy gave a perfect pass to Zafar Hamzaev, while Real's defense didn't close him down, allowing the midfielder to reach the edge of the penalty area, and he launched a low, hard shot that eluded the opponent's goalkeeper and found the back of the net.1:0 for FC Ukraine United! 
   After controlling the pace of play for much of the half, the deflated Real seemed powerless against a United defense.
   1:0 - final score!  FC Ukraine United won their third straight game and remain on the first place in the league!
We thank to all fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorer: #9.Z.Hamzaev.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  34', #5.E.Ishchak, #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #6.E.Glezer, #11.B.Konjuhi, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #3.D.Radtchenko, #8.E.Khlynin  68', #10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy, #14.O.Kaplun  33',  55'
Subs: #16.A.Nikitins, #7.V.Koval, #22.F.Kovtun. 
Coach: A.Malyshenkov.

In other news:
On June 16th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their fourth game in Soccer City League.
FC Ukraine United beat team USC Karpaty 5:1!
Goal scorers: B.Konjuhi(3), E.Ishchak, M.Grouzman.
 Line-up: #1.F.Kovtun, #8.B.Konjuhi, #6.K.Gromyko, #10.E.Ishchak, #7.V.Koval, #18.A.Nikitins, #9.Z.Hamzaev,#13.Y.Khatchaturov, #15.T.Glynnyy, #17.D.Lavrentiev, #19.M.Grouzman.
Subs: #5.Y.Blyznuik, #3.D.Radtchenko.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


On June 14th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their first round in Soccer City League Cup.
FC Ukraine United beat team Papa 7:4
Goal scorers: B.Konjuhi(3), Y.Blyzniuk(2), M.Voytsehovskiy, .V.Koval.
Line-up: #1.F.Kovtun, #8.B.Konjuhi,  #5.Y.Blyznuik,, #6.Y.Sytnyk, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #7.V.Koval, #13.A.Malyshenkov,#15.A.Kravtsiv, #17.S.Stefirta, #18.R.Barsuk, #19.M.Grouzman.
Subs: #23.N.Derkach,#14.Y.Barsuk.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.

On June 12th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their third game in Soccer City League.
FC Ukraine United lost to Redpath 1:6
Goal scorer: Y.Khatchaturov.

Ontario Cup, First Round.
On June 8th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their first round in Ontario Cup. Only 19 hours was the difference between previous  and current game. Unfortunally, after last game few key players couldn't start the game due to injuries and many others played with the injuries.
FC Ukraine United lost to Etobicoke Canadiens 3:4
Goal scorers: B.Konjuhi 80', 85', E.Khlynin 35'.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)',  #5.E.Ishchak, #6.E.Glezer, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #7.V.Koval  68', #11.E.Khlynin  85', #15.E.Mahnev, , #17.A.Ignatiev, #18.Y.Khatchaturov, #19.M.Grouzman.
Subs: #3.D.Radtchenko, #16.A.Nikitins, #8.B.Konjuhi, #14.O.Kaplun.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


Ontario Soccer League
 On June 7th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their first game in Ontario George Finnie Cup against Westshore. Last year, these two teams played against each other also in the same competition. That time, FC Ukraine United had an easy win 5:1.This year's  competition, Westshore had completely different and new stronger team.
   Right from the beginning of the game, Ukrainians came out attacking and nearly scored just 15 minutes into the match. Vladimir Koval was pushed down in the penalty area and was rewarded a penalty shot. Unfortunally, he missed the net by a couple inches. Ten minutes later, Evgen Ishchak finally opened the scoring after a beautiful shot from 25 meters into the right top corner! 1:0.
   In the second half the number of chances increased for both teams. FC UU attacking persistence paid off again in the 60th minute, when Mykola Voytsehovskiy gave a perfect pass to Vladimir Koval, who made no mistake on the breakaway!2:0
Ukrainians kept pressuring the opponent. United could have increased their lead after Westshore's defender pushed down Vladimir Koval from behind into the left side of the penalty area. Unfortunally, ref's whistle was silent this time. In the middle of the half, the opponent got one goal back.2:1 Few minutes later, Ukrainians increased their lead up to two goals again. After the UU completed a series of sharp passes to bring the ball into the Westshore's penalty area, it was Mykola Voytsehovskiy who found the last touch and struck the ball home! 3:1 However, few minutes before the end, the opponent scored one more goal after a corner kick. That was all for this game.
   3:2 - final score! FC Ukraine United qualified to the next round  of the Ontario George Finnie Cup and will meetScarborough Rangers in the quarterfinal some time in June.
Thank you to all the fans who came to support us!!!
Goal scorers: E.Ishchak 26', V.Koval 60', M.Voytsehovskiy 82'
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov 90', #2.Y.Hlyva(C) 34',  #4.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak, #6.E.Glezer, #8.B.Konjuhi, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #7.V.Koval 58', #11.E.Khlynin  78', #13.A.Malychenkov, #10M.Voytsehovs'kiy 53'
Subs: #3.D.Radtchenko,  #16.A.Nikitins, #17.A.Ignatiev 88',  #18.Y.Khatchaturov 63', #19.M.Grouzman,#23.N.Derkach, #15.E.Mahnev.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.


Ontario Soccer League

On June 1st, Ukraine United had its second game of the season and its home opener. This game was perhaps one of the most bizarre games one could watch. Ukraine United were facing a significantly weaker side in Magic AC. Ukraine United was off to a strong with a goal by Evgeny Ishchak off a free kick. This was followed by a few more chances. In the first 20 minutes it seemed like Ukraine United had control of the game and it was going to be one sided affair however they were shocked when Magic AC scored a goal in the 25th minute. The Ukrainians were shaken by this and their play deteriorated. It wasn't long until Magic AC scored their second goal to make it 2-1 after a mistake in defense. In the second half things went from bad to worse for Ukraine United as, Magic AC scored another 3 goals!!! The Ukrainians were down 5-1 with 20 minutes to go. It was looking like the most humiliating defeat which the club has ever suffered. However with 18 minutes to go Ukrainians cut the lead by 1 with a goal by Yuri Hlyva. This seemed to rally the team and more opportunities seemed to follow. Minutes later the lead was again cut by 1 with a goal by Evgeny Ishchak. Now the score was 5-3. Ukraine United continues to put on the pressure and it wasnt long until they scored again on a breakaway by Burim Konjuhi. The Ukrainians were only 1 goal away from a miraculous comeback and this was completed by another breakaway goal from Burim Konjuhi. The game was now 5-5 but there was still 2 minutes remaining. A last attack by Ukraine United resulted in another breakaway for Burim Konjuhi and he made the most of this opportunity and put Ukraine United ahead 6-5.!!!!!! What a Thrilling game!!
Thank You to all the fans who came to support us!!!
Ukraine United 6 - 5 Magic AC
Goal scorers:  B.Konjuhi 79',83',89', E.Ishchak 14', 72', Y.Hlyva 76'.
Line-up:   #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C),  #4.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak, #6.E.Glezer, #8.B.Konjuhi, #9.Z.Hamzaev,#10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy, #11.E.Khlynin,  #13.A.Malychenkov, #14.O.Kaplun 60'.
Subs:  #3.D.Radtchenko,  #16.A.Nikitins, #17.A.Ignatiev,  #18.S.Stefirta, #19.M.Grouzman, #20.D.Lavrentiev,#22.S.Sergeew, #15.E.Mahnev
Coach: A.Malychenkov.

Ontario Soccer League
  On May 28th, 2008, 9 pm at the Centennial Stadium. FC Ukraine United faced off against a strong opponents FK Bosna Toronto.

This first game was a thrilling affair with over 400 fans in attendance. FC Ukraine United was off to a great start controlling most of the play and dominating the Bosnians, and it was not long until Kirill Gromyko who is fresh off an injury scored a beautiful goal from the left flank. His hard work and persistence paid off.

Ukraine United didn't stop the pressure and continued to push forward. In the 25th minute Evgeny Ishchak hit the cross bar from a wonderful placed free kick. There was a sense that another goal was coming and it did just minutes later with a nice play which was started by Kiril Gromyko and finished off by Andrei Malychenkov. There was a late scare for the Ukrainians as a well stung attack FK Bosna resulted in Nikita Zemskov making a fine save to keep the game out of the Bosnians reach. The Ukrainians were leading 2-0 going into half time. Second half the Bosnian's came out strong and early in the half they were awarded a horrible penalty kick. But fortunately the Bosnians don't kick the ball very well and the penalty kick went well over the bar. FC Ukraine United sat back and shut down the Bosnians relentless attack, and played counter attack football. This style of play paid off as a nice cross by Evegny Ishchak resulted in a Bosian player to head the ball into his own net.(3-0). Only 10 minutes later another wonderful run by player of the game Kirill Gromyko resulted in a beautiful cross to Burim Konjuhi who headed the ball home.
Thanks to all our fans for showing support!!!!!!
   4:0 - final score and first win in the season for FC Ukraine United!
Goal scorers: K.Gromyko 13', A.Malychenkov 44', own goal 72', B.Konjuhi 83'.
Line-up:   #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C),  #4.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak, #6.E.Glezer, #8.B.Konjuhi, #9.Z.Hamzaev,#10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy, #11.E.Khlynin, #13.A.Malychenkov, #15.E.Mahnev.
Subs:  #3.D.Radtchenko,  #16.A.Nikitins, #17.A.Ignatiev,  #18.S.Stefirta, #19.M.Grouzman, #20.D.Lavrentiev,#22.S.Sergeew.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.

In other news:
Soccer City League
   On Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 FC Ukraine United (reserve team) played their first official game in this season againstToronto Ukraina.
   4:3 - final score and first win for FC Ukraine United!
Goal scorers: E.Khlynin(2), Y.Hlyva(pen), M.Voytsehovskiy.
Line-up:  #12.N.Zemskov, #11.E.Khlynin, #8.Y.Blyzniuk,  #10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy , #28.T.Glynniy,  #2.Y.Hlyva,#21.D.Radtchenko, #15.P.Shymanskiy,  #23.N.Derkach, #20.A.Fes'kiv, #17.O.Kolobanov.
Subs:  #22.B.Konjuhi.


Ontario Cup, Preliminary Round
  On Sunday, May 25th, 2008 FC Ukraine United played their first official game in this season against Brampton Armada Juniors.
   Ukrainians started this game short, only with ten players, out of which some of them were also injured. Our other squad members were coming back late from tournament in USA. Luckily, they were late only ten minutes into the game.
   FC Ukraine United looked tired in the first half, but opened the scoring on 25th minute by Evgen Ishchak. Armada got one back in ten minutes. That was all for the first half. 1:1
   In the second half Ukrainians finally put themselves together. After a beautiful combination Evgen Ishchak scores another goal, second in his game! 2:1 Two minutes later Anton Ignatiev scores again on the brakeaway!  3:1 Ten minutes before the whistle Yuriy Hlyva scores one more from the penalty spot.
   4:1 - final score! FC Ukraine United qualified to the next round in Ontario Cup and will meet Etobicoke Canadians onSunday, June 8th, 2008.
Goal scorers: E.Ishchak(2), A.Ignatiev, Y.Hlyva.
Line-up:  #33.S.Sergeew, #11.E.Khlynin, #8.E.Glezer, #22.M.Grouzman, #10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy , #28.T.Glynniy,  #14.R.Barsuk, #24.D.Lavrentiev, #7.V.Koval, #16.A.Nikitins.
Subs:  #12.N.Zemskov, #4.K.Gromyko, #6.E.Mahnev, #5.E.Ishchak, #2.Y.Hlyva, #8.A.Ignatiev, #21.D.Radtchenko,#18.S.Stefirta.

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