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FC Ukraine United for Svoboda are the winners of Ukrainian - Canadian music festival "Golden Ma

On Saturday June 27th, in Acton Ontario, FC Ukraine United-Svoboda participate in "Golden Maple" Ukrainian Soccer Tournament, which was played for the first time in the history of that festival. There were two different age groups: open division and over 35 division. FC Ukraine United- Svoboda was represented with two teams in open division: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1 and FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-2.

Open Division Group A: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1, USC Karpaty-1, FC Diaspora. Open Division Group B: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-2, USC Karpaty, FC Internationals. Results Group A: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1 - FC Diaspora 3-0 (Y.Hlyva, E.Ishchak, M.Voytsehovskiy USC Karpaty - FC Diaspora 3-1 FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1 - USC Karpaty-1 2-0 (Y.Hlyva, D.Yanchuk) Results Group B: FC Internationals - USC Karpaty-2 4-1 FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-2 - FC Internationals 2-2 (N.Derkach, B.Kovel) FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-2 - USC Karpaty-2 1-0 (B.Kovel) Semi-finals: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1-FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-2 7-3 (D.Yanchuk (4), E.Shevchenko, M.Voytsehovskiy(3), E.Mahnev, M.Glynnyy, E.Tsitsarin) USC Karpaty-1 - FC Internationals 1-1, (3-1 pen) Final: FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1 - USC Karpaty-1 1-0 (E.Ishchak) Also there were presented different awards in that tournament. In one of them, Denys Yanchuk of FC Ukraine United- Svoboda-1 was awarded as the best scorer in the tournament! We would like to say big thank you to the organizers of the tournament, our sponsors and everyone else who supported us during this tournament!!!


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