Ontario Soccer League, Central Region Central, 2009 Spring/Summer Season Archives

October 2, 2009

On Friday, October 2nd, 2009 FC Ukraine United played  their rescheduled game against Serbian White Eagles. 
  Both team were desperate for points in this game. Since the league took away 3-1 previous win for Ukraine in the first match, SWE got another chance to improve their record for a playoff spot. On the other hand, Ukraine needed points to avoid last place in the division. 
   Like in previous game, Ukrainian side started this game only with one substitute due to too many injuries. 
  SWE opened the scoring in the middle of the first half. Ukraine levelled in the second half, five minutes to the end by Grigoriy Kleyner.
1-1 - final score. Both teams lost valuable points. 
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #6.G.Kleyner, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #11.D.Yanchuk, #14.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, #5.E.Glezer,  #4.A.Malyshenkov, #8.E.Shevchenko, #9.E.Tsitsarin.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev.
   Next and last game in this season for FC Ukraine United is on Friday, October 15th @ Centennial Park Stadium  against Serbian White Eagles.


On Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their nineteenth game in the season against  Peniche CC. Portuguese team was on the first place in the league before this game with lost points. 
     Very hard work in the 75th minute helped Peniche CC force
 a 1-1 draw with  FC Ukraine United at Cherry Beach Stadium. Denys Petruk put one home in the 30th minute to account for Ukraine's opening goal.   
    The goal awakened a sense of urgency in PCC, who might have overly enjoyed the comforts of better possession up to that point. There was no question the Peniche came into the game desperate for points to improve their playoff standing. Portuguese side controlled the pace throughout the first half, and picked up where they'd left off in the second half, but Ukraine played smart and got increasingly involved in the game in the second half, waking up their attack and returning some pressure on the Peniche. 
   Good effort by both teams, pretty even chances to score, better possession for Peniche.
   1-1 - final score, another meaningless point for Ukraine and two lost points for Peniche.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #6.G.Kleyner, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #11.D.Yanchuk, #14.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, #5.E.Glezer,  #4.A.Malyshenkov, #8.E.Shevchenko, #9.Z.Hamzaev.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev, #8.E.Tsitsarin, #10.D.Radtchenko.
   Next game for FC Ukraine United is on Friday, October 2nd @ Soccer Centre 1 against Serbian White Eagles. That's a rematch of previous 3-1 win for FCUU, the game was suspended because there was no corner flags and has to be replayed. What a "nice" decision by the league and very low protest by SWE  
   Kick-off time @ 9pm.  
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community.

  On Sunday, September 27th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their 18th game in this season against fist place team Woodbridge Azzurri.
 Woodbridge Azzurri earned a valuable three points on Sunday night, downing home FC Ukraine United2-0 at Etobicke Centennial Stadium. Two goals scored  ones in each half from Quami Osei were the difference as the Blue-and-White leapfrogged Ukraine United to secure their first place in Central Region Central Division. 
  Both teams showed a lot of character in this game .Pretty even game with many missed chances for Ukraine. Two converted goals and smart play by Azzurri's. 
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #6.G.Kleyner, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #11.D.Yanchuk, #14.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, #5.E.Glezer, #8.E.Shevchenko, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #10.D.Radtchenko.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev, #8.E.Tsitsarin, #4.A.Malyshenkov.

On Sunday, September 17th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their seventeenth game in the season against Serbian White Eagles. 
    Three goals in first 30 minutes lift FC Ukraine United to a crucial 3-1 victory against the Serbian White Eagles on Thursday night at Cherry Beach Stadium.
FC Ukraine United had to play this game with very short bench due to suspension of 5 players. 
  Evgen Ishchak opened the scoring at 11th minute. He fired a shot from 25 meters that went between SWE keepers lags. FCUU took advantage again to 2-0 on goal in the 26th minute. Ukrainians got its second goal on a pair of corner kicks in succession by Kirill Gromyko. Ukraine side scored their third goal in the 37th minute when E.Ishchak poked the ball away from an SWE player at midfield, sending Mykola Voytsehovskiy on a clear breakaway. With just SWE keeper to beat, Voytsehovskiy easily withstood the keeper's challenge and slotted the ball past him, sending it into the right corner of the net. At least two 100% chances Ukraine missed in the first half (crossbar and breakaway). SWE had better possession in this half but did not have many shots on goal.
 3-0 after one.
  In the second half Serbs again had better possession, created some good chances but scored only ones from a free kick. Ukraine mostly were defending and counterattacking. Two of those counterattacks could have been goals. 
   3-1 final score, good win for Ukraine!
Line-up: #16.D.Radtchenko, #6.G.Kleyner, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)#9.A.Nikitins, #14.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, 
#5.E.Glezer, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.A.Malyshenkov, #8.E.Tsitsarin.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev.

  On Sunday, September 13th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their sixteenth game in the season against Magic AC. 
   Right in the beginning, Ukraine United were left with ten man to play this game. Referee made terrible mistake by showing a red card to FCUU player. That did not stop Ukrainian side. They were first to open the score by Evgen Ishchak. Magic tied the game 3 minutes before the brake. 
  1-1 after one.
   In the second half, FCUU forward Mykola Voysehovskiy put Ukraine ahead beating MAC golkeeper on the breakaway. Ten minutes later, Evgen Ishchak doubled the scoring form penalty spot.  After losing by two goals, Magic managed to put themselves together and tie this game right before the end. 
  Well done by 10 man Ukraine!
   3-3 final score.
Line-up: #16.N.Zemskov, #6.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)#9.A.Nikitins, #14.K.Gromyko, #5.E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, 
#5.E.Glezer,  #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.A.Malyshenkov, #8.E.Shevchenko.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev,  #13.I.Vaisbart.
   Next game for FC Ukraine United is on Thursday, September 17th @ Cherry Beach Stadium against Serbian White Eagles.
   Kick-off time @ 9pm. 
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community

  On Thursday, September 10th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their 15th game in this season against Newmarket Athletics and lost 5-1. 
   Ukrainians showed up to this game only with 11 players. Several main players and goalkeeper were missing due to injuries. Newmarket open the scoring in the beginning of the game. E.Ishchak scored one back for Ukraine. Home team went ahead few minutes later. 2-1 after one.
 Three unanswered goals were scored by Newmarket n the second half. 
Line-up: #1.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.N.Zemskov, #4.I.Vaisbart,
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Kararanj, #16.A.Nikitins, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.E.Tsitsarin, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.E.Mahnev, 
Subs: none

Ontario Soccer League, Frank Docherty Cup, Third Round

  On Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their third round cup game against Lakeshore United. 
   Ukrainians started this game with 13 players. Four players could not play in this game due to injuries in previous game.  
   First half: two first goals by Lakeshore. Ukraine answered with one before the break. 1-2 after one.  
   In the second half Lakeshore managed to score first again. Ukraine cut the lead to one once again 15 minutes before the whistle. At that moment it was open game, both teams had good opportunities to score. In the last minutes Ukraine tried everything to tie this game. Their effort almost paid-off, when K.Gromyko hit the post. In the dieing seconds, Lakeshore caught Ukraine on the counterattack and scored their fourth and last goal in this game. 
   4-2 final score for Lakeshore United. FCUU are out of this competition. 
Line-up: #16.A.Nikitins, #6.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, #14.K.Gromyko, #E.Ishchak,#3.D.Petruk, 
 #5.E.Glezer,  #7.E.Tsitsarin, #4.I.Vaisbart, #8.E.Shevchenko.
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev,  #13.N.Zemskov.
   Ukrainians will play again in two days away game against Newmarket Athletics @ Bonshaw 1
   Kick-off time @ 9pm. 
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community

  On Saturday, September 6th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their 15th game in this season against Veneto Lions. 
   Like in previous games, Ukrainians were still missing several main players, but this time managed to pull not easy 4-3 win.  Veneto were also missing several players at this game. 
   Veneto scored very quick goal in the beginning. Ukraine answered back with three goals in twenty minutes. By the end of the half, Lions cut Ukraine's lead to one from a penalty spot. 3-2 after one.  
   In the second half, both teams created again many chances, but scored only once each. Veneto tied the game after another penalty 20 minutes before the end. Ukrainians scored the winner just 15 minutes before the whistle. 
   4-3 final score for FCUU after a long time.
Missed 100% chances: FCUU-7, VL-3
Cards: About 8 yellow and 2 red cards in this game.
Referees: Lost control of this game, looked like they did not know the rules at all. Hopefully we will never see them again.
Line-up: #1.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.K.Gromyko, #6.A.Kararanj, #16.A.Nikitins, #5.E.Glezer,  #7.E.Tsitsarin, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.D.Petruk, #4.I.Vaisbart
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev, #8.E.Shevchenko.
   Ukrainians will play again in two days a cup game against Lakeshore United @ Meadowvale (Syntex)
   Kick-off time @ 9pm. 
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community

  On Saturday, August 30th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their 13th game in this season against Barrie City and lost 3-1. In the first match, in Barrie Ukrainians won 3-2.
   Sixth game in the row Ukrainians are missing about seven main players and goalkeeper. Actually, this game was completely different to other previous games, when FCUU played bad games. Barrie were missing few main players in this game too.  From the first minute FCUU had much better possession of the ball, created good chances. Barrie mostly were counterattacking. BC scored first. Ukraine had a perfect chance to equalize. Mykola Voytsehovskiy could not beat BC goaltender from the penalty kick. 0-1 after first half.
  In the second half pretty much was the same story, but with better chances to score for Ukraine. On the other hand, Barrie scored very quick second goal, then shortly the other one. Ukrainians kept pressing, missing the net, not scoring on the breakaways, hitting crossbar...Ten minutes to the end, Ukraine finally scored on another penalty shot. Yuriy Hlyva made no mistake this time.
 3-1 win for Barrie City.  
Line-up: #1.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Kararanj, #16.A.Nikitins, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.E.Tsitsarin, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.I.Vaisbart
Subs: #23.E.Mahnev, #8.E.Shevchenko

    On August 27th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played 12th game in the season, (sixth in 10 days against  Veneto Lions. 
     Veneto scored 3 goals in the first half, when FCUU had only few chances but again did not score. In the second half Ukraine scored one back. Had better possession and more chances. But that was all for Ukraine. Lions added two more at the end. 
   1-5 final score.
Line-up: #1.D.Radtchenko, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.N.Zemskov, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Nikitins, #17.A.Kararanj, #5.I.Vaisbart, #23.E.Tsitsarin,#13.A.Malychenkov, #10.E.Ishchak, #11.E.Mahnev.

    On August 25th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played eleventh game in the season, (fifth in 8 days against  Magic AC. 
     Magic scored  2 their goals in the first half. In the second they added two more. Ukrainians had  few good opportunities to score...but could not convert.
   0-4 final score.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Nikitins, #17.A.Kararanj, #5.I.Vaisbart, #23.E.Tsitsarin,#13.A.Malychenkov, #10.E.Ishchak, #11.E.Mahnev.

    On August 23rd, 2009 FC Ukraine United played tenth game in the season, (fourth in 5 days against last place team Alliston Arsenal. 
   Ukrainians started this game with no bench.  Alliston scored  their first goal in the first half on the breakaway. That was the only chance they created.. Ukrainians had better possession but could not score. 
   In the second half Ukraine pressed hard, created many chances.. and again luck was on Alliston side. In the last minutes Arsenal scored once more when whole Ukraine team went to score..
   0-2 final score. First win for Alliston
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.D.Lavrentiev, #17.A.Kararanj, #5.I.Vaisbart, #23.E.Tsitsarin #16.D.Tkachenko #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.E.Ishchak, #11.E.Mahnev.

    On August 21, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their ninth game in the season, against Portuguese team
 PCC Mississauga. 
   Both teams scored in the first half. PCC opened scoring at 15th minute mark, scored by Yuriy Hlyva in the own net. Ukrainians came back in ten minutes. Mykola Voytsehovskiy tied the game on the breakaway. FCUU had two perfect opportunities to score again. Voytsehovskiy's shot hit the post and Kleyner hit the cross bar. 
   In the second half, PCC had a bit better possession. They created few good chances to score. Ukraine could have won this game in the last minute. Two superb saves were made by PCC's keeper after Vaysbart's and Tkachenko's shots.
   1-1 final score. 
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.D.Lavrentiev, #17.K.Gromyko, #5.I.Vaisbart,  #7.M.Glynnyy, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #11.M.Gushchin
Subs: #23.E.Tsitsarin #16.D.Tkachenko

    On August 19th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their  first cup game, starting from the second round against Greek team Olympiakos. 
   Like in previous game, Ukrainians were still missing several players from the main squad due to injuries.
  Olympiakos opened  the scoring with the header in the first half. After that, both teams mostly played in the middle of the field, created very few chances to score. 
   In the second half, both teams played much better football. Ukrainians answered back first with three goals in half an hour! (E.Ishchak, E.Shevchenko and M.Voytsehovskiy).  Olympiakos managed to score only one goal in dieing minutes.  
   3-2 victory for Ukraine! 
  FC Ukraine United will meet Polish team Lakeshore United in the next round of 16 teams sometime in September.
  Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Kararanj, #17.E.Glezer, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.M.Glynnyy, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.E.Shevchenko
Subs: #23.D.Radtchenko #16.A.Nikitins

    On August 16th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their  first home game after a long brake against PCC Mississauga.
   Ukrainians were leading twice in this game, but could not hold the victory.. tie 2-2. All goals were scored in the second half. Mykola Voytsehovskiy and Grygoriy Kleyner score for FCUU. 
  Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #3.E.Mahnev, 
#14.G.Kleyner, #6.A.Kararanj, #17.E.Glezer, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.M.Glynnyy, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.E.Shevchenko
Subs: #9.Z.Hamzaev,  #23.O.Bolshoy, #16.A.Nikitins, #22.D.Lavrentiev.

 On Thursday, August 13th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their seventh game in the season away at Aurora Stadium against Aurora Hearts. 
   Ukrainians were missing many players in this game due to injuries. Aurora open the scoring in the first half. In the beginning of the second half Aurora doubled the scoring. Shortly, Ukraine scored one back by Dmitriy Tkachenko(header). By the end of the game home team scored two more goals. 4-1 final score for Aurora Hearts.

    On Thursday, July 16th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their sixth game in the season at Rainbow Creek Stadium against first place team Woodbridge Azzurri. 
    Three goals scored in last 5 minutes gave Woodbridge Azzurri their eight win in this season. The score was 2-2, when Evgeniy Khlynin was dismissed with the red card six minutes before the whistle. 
     The first 20 minutes of the match were mostly played in middle of the field. At 21st minute, Oleg Bol'shoy open the scoring for United. Oleg took a long centered pass from Zafar Hamzaev from right to left, beat the defender and sent it past Azzurri goalkeeper.
    Following the opener, the Azzurri scrambled to answer. But a short stretch of sustained pressure didn't create a legitimate scoring chance. On the other hand Ukrainians had a perfect opportunity to double the score when Mykola Voytsehovskiy missed 100% chance from 5 meters shooting wide. 1-0 after one.
     Woodbridge Azzurri came out fast in the second half, pressuring  United defence contrary to the first half. At the 60 minute mark WA equalized after scoring from the corner kick. Five minutes later Azzurri scored second goal by flipping the ball over FCUU goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov. United manage to tie the game at 75th minute. Mykola Voytsehovskiy beat the keeper on the breakaway and gave a perfect pass to Oleg Bol'shoy who scored into an empty net. 
    Azzurri kept pressing, creating many good plays. Their effort paid off  with five minutes before the end, when Ukraine became a 10 man team. Steven Axe made 3-2 after his low powerful shot into right corner of the net. United tried to attack with many players and were cut on the counterattack. Kailen Murphy put the game away in the 89th minute with a breakaway goal. In the last minute of the injury time, Azzurri scored one more, after another mistake of FCUU keeper. 5-2 final score for Azzurri and another disappointing loss for Ukraine.
 Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #16.A.Nikitins  37',
 #17.E.Glezer, #5.E.Ishchak,   #23.O.Bol'shoy, #9.Z.Hamzaev,  #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy  82', #4.K.Gromyko, #11. E.Tsitsarin.  
 Subs: #22.D.Lavrentiev, #7. E.Khlynin  73' 85', #19.M.Glynnyy, #20.D.Radtchenko.
 Coach: A.Malychenkov.

   On Sunday, July 12th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their fifth game in the season at Downsview Park against Aurora Hearts. 
   Aurora Hearts resumed their winning ways on Sunday night, grinding out a 1-0 victory against FC Ukraine United at Downsview Park Stadium. The match was scoreless until the 78th minute, when Aurora caught FCUU on the counterattack, scoring a goal on a breakaway.  Jason Oliveira sent his low shot to the right side of the Ukraine's net, beating United goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov.
   In the opening minutes of the game, Ukrainians had a perfect opportunity to open the score. Andrey Malychenkov beat Aurora's keeper on the breakaway, but hit the cross bar. On the other hand, visitors answered with few dangerous counterattacks. After that, both teams did not create much and mostly spent the whole time in the middle of the field. 0-0 after one. 
   In the second half Ukrainians started really well. First, Mykola Voytsehovskiy missed another chance to score after hitting a post, when he found himself one on one with Aurora's goalkeeper. And few minutes later Evgen Ishchak missed the net after the same one on one meeting with AH goalie. 
    With time winding down, Ukrainians became more tired that the opponent. Few FCUU players got injured by the end of the game and were substituted. Aurora started to look more dangerous. They had at least 3 good opportunities to score. And their effort was paid off at 78th minute, when they finally scored on the breakaway. 
   Ukrainians had a good chance in the 87rd minute to get the equalizer, when Aurora's goaltender stopped a powerful shot from Oleg Bolshoy.
   1-0 final score for Aurora Hearts.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov  81', #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #3.I.Vaisbart, 
#14.L.Dudarev, #6.D.Petruk, #17.E.Glezer, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7. E.Khlynin, #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovskiy, #4.K.Gromyko  37'
Subs: #9.Z.Hamzaev, #19.M.Glynnyy,  #23.O.Bolshoy, #16.A.Nikitins, #22.D.Lavrentiev.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.
   Ukrainians will hit the road again next Thursday, traveling to take on Woodbridge Azzurri at Rainbow Creek Stadium.
Kick-off time @ 9pm. 
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community

   On Thursday, June 25th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their fourth game in the season away at Barrie SC Development Centre against Barrie City.  
   FC Ukraine United took an early lead thanks to a remarkable goal from Denys Petruk in the 3rd minute, after beautiful pass from Leonid Dudarev. However, Barrie City found the equalizer in the 20th minute into the first half. Leonid Dudarev did damage once again, just six minutes later by scoring his second goal in this season into an empty net. He was first on the rebound after Denys Yanchuk's shot. By the end of the first half, both teams exchanged hitting the post once. 
   Right after the brake, things started happening for BC as they chased the equalizer. BC had better possession, while Ukrainians were answering with quick counterattacks. But it was FCUU who doubled their lead just seventeen minutes left to play, when Evgen Ishchak made no mistake on the breakaway against BC's goalkeeper. But BC weren't done yet, five minutes later, City's forward cut FCUU's lead to one goal again after scoring a goal on the breakaway. Barrie were pressing hard in the last minutes, had few good chances to level. FCUU also had good opportunities to score, when Evgen Ishchak could not find the net after two one on one meetings with Barrie's goalkeeper in the last minutes. 
 3-2 final score for Ukrainian team!
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov  84, '#2.Y.Hlyva(C), #9.Z.Hamzaev,
#14.L.Dudarev, #6.D.Petruk, #17.E.Glezer, #5.E.Ishchak,  #7.D.Yanchuk,  #13.A.Malychenkov, #16.A.Nikitins, #4.K.Gromyko  36'
Subs: #3.I.Vaisbart, #19.M.Glynnyy,  #23.N.Derkach, #18.E.Tsitsarin, Y.Khatchaturov, #10.E.Khlynin 64'
Coach: A.Malychenkov.
   Ukrainians were supposed to hit the road again next Sunday, traveling to take on Magic AC at Esther Shiner Stadium. But the game was cancelled due City of Toronto strike and will be replayed at later date. Also, Tuesday's cup game against Olympiakos, most likely will be cancelled for the same reason.

   On Friday, June 19th, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their third game in the season away at Brockton Stadium against Portuguese team Peniche CC 
   Cheney Valadares open the scoring in the first minute, when he was first on rebound after a free kick. United responded with one scoring chance in the 30th minute, when Leonid Dudarev was on breakaway with PCC goalkeeper. Few minutes later, PCC striker missed the same opportunity on the breakaway. 1-0 after first half.
   Both teams emerged from the locker room ready to play, and action continued at a frantic pace throughout the opening minutes of the second half. Right in the beginning of the second half  Ukrainians missed another opportunity to level the score, when Evgeniy Tsitsarin could not score on the breakaway. Minutes later Peniche answered with their second goal by Jose Filipe Silva. Five minutes later Leonid Dudarev finally scored one back after another breakaway. 
  While FCUU pushed harder and harder looking for an equalizer, PCC continued to terrorize the visitors defence by finding open spaces and working the ball around quickly. But pressing forward left United open to counterattacks, and PCC striker  Diogo Gomes scored beautiful header after a corner kick. In the dying minutes of the match both teams played open and had several chances. Peniche CC walked out with a comfortable 3-1 win and still remain first in the league.
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov, #2.Y.Hlyva(C), #10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy, #4.L.Dudarev,#5.D.Petruk, #17.E.Glezer,#11.B.Konjuhi,  #6.D.Yanchuk,  #13.A.Malychenkov,  #16.A.Nikitins, #8.E.Shevchenko,
Subs: #3.I.Vaisbart, #19.M.Glynnyy, #9.Z.Hamzaev,  #23.N.Derkach, #18.E.Tsitsarin, Y.Khatchaturov.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.
   Ukrainians will hit the road again next Sunday where they have yet to win this season, traveling to take on Magic AC at Esther Shiner Stadium. Kick-off time @ 7pm. 
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community! 
  The Saturday's game between Barrie City and FC Ukraine United was cancelled due rain and will be replayed on Thursday June 25.

   On Sunday, June 14thth, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their second game in the season against Newmarket Athletics.
  Goals from Sean Esterbauer and Mark Savella helped the Newmarket Athletics to get their first win in the season with a 
2-1 win against FC Ukraine United-Svoboda at Centennial Stadium on Sunday evening.
   Savella, Newmarket Athletics forward scored the deciding goal and gave the Athletics just their first win of the season when he collected a pass from FCUU defender in the 79th minute.
   The Athletics opened the scoring in the tenth minute when an unmarked Sean Esterbauer headed home his goal on the brakeaway.
   NA's goalkeeper put on an inspirational display, repeatedly snuffing out Ukraine's attempts for a first-half equalizer while under sustained pressure from the hometown Blue and Yellow for much of the opening half. FCUU's Mykola Voytsehovskiy and Denys Petruk missed 100% chances to level the score in the first half, while Newmarket were answering with very rare but dangerous counterattacks.
   United again applied the pressure in the opening minutes of the second half. Then, in the 71st minute, the home team were finally rewarded for their efforts with a goal by Burim Konjuhi resulting from a wild goalmouth scramble.
   Ukrainians pressed more after the tying goal. Efim Shevchenko missed perfect opportunity to score another goal for FCUU after missing the net from 5 meters range.
   And then was a disaster... Eleven minutes from time, two FCUU central defenders were making unnecessary passes near their box, while NA's forward Mark Savella stole the ball and score the winner...
   Unfortunate first defeat in the season for Ukrainian side...
Line-up: #12.L.Dudarev, #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  #4.K.Gromyko, #5.D.Petruk, #17.E.Glezer, #11.B.Konjuhi,  #6.D.Yanchuk,  #13.A.Malychenkov, #10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy, #16.A.Nikitins, #18.E.Tsitsarin. 
Subs: #3.I.Vaisbart, #19.M.Glynnyy, #20.E.Mahnev, #9.Z.Hamzaev, #8.E.Shevchenko, #23.N.Derkach.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.
  On Friday, June 19th at Brockton Stadium, FC Ukraine United-Svoboda will play their third game in the season and first away game. Ukrainians will play Portuguese team Peniche CC. 
Kick-off time @ 9pm.
   We are looking forward to see you again to support team of your community!

Perfect start!!!

   On Sunday, June 7thth, 2009 FC Ukraine United played their first official OSL game in the season against team Arsenal from Northern town Alliston. 
   Alliston Arsenal took an early lead thanks to a remarkable goal from Chris Graham, but FC Ukraine United stormed back with goals from Mykola Voytsehovskiy, Burim Konjuhi and Zafar Hamzaev for a 3-1 victory Sunday night at Centennial Stadium in the OSL season opener for Ukrainian side.
   In the ninth minute, Graham open the scoring in this game. The AA striker saw Ukraine's goalkeeper Nikita Zemskov off his line and decided to take a shot. Zemskov quickly backpedaled but was a step late as Graham's shot floated into the right side of the net for the goal.
   Despite the early goal, the FCUU began to control the run of play for much of the first half and spent much of the opening half in AA's third of the field.
   The Men in Blue & Yellow drew level in the 34th minute thanks to Mykola Voytsehovskiy. After tapping the ball back a step with his right foot, Denys Yanchuk slotted a pass to Voytsehovskiy, who was just inside the right side of the AA box. Voytsehovskiy's shot from 16 yards out went past AA goalkeeper and the match was deadlocked.
   United gained their first lead of the evening twenty minutes after halftime, when Burim Konjuhi was first on the ball after defender's and goalkeeper's huge mistake in their own box.
   Few minutes later, Zafar Hamzaev opened his account in the 75th minute. After some crafty footwork from strike partner Denys Petruk to keep the possession alive, the ball made it to Kirill Gromyko at the top of the box, who kept the ball moving to Hamzaev. After a calm touch, Hamzaev's targeted low drive beat Alliston Arsenal goalkeeper at his far post!
   At the 80th minute mark, FCUU goaltender Nikita Zemskov made super save during the breakaway and was sent off for playing with the hands just outside of the box. 
   With the game secure, the capacity crowd started to cheer for the home side again. In all, it was a dominating performance in the club's first match in the new 2009 season!
Line-up: #1.N.Zemskov  80', #2.Y.Hlyva(C)  #4.K.Gromyko, #5.D.Petruk  58', #17.E.Glezer  23',#11.B.Konjuhi  33', #9.Z.Hamzaev, #8.E.Shevchenko, #6.D.Yanchuk,  #13.A.Malychenkov,#10.M.Voytsehovs'kiy  64'
Subs: #3.I.Vaisbart, #16.A.Nikitins, #15.L.Dudarev, #18.E.Tsitsarin, #19.M.Glynnyy, #20.E.Mahnev.
Coach: A.Malychenkov.
  On Sunday, June 14th at Centennial Stadium, FC Ukraine United will play their second league game in the new 2009 season. Ukrainians will host Newmarket Athletics. 
Kick-off time @ 8pm.
   We are looking forward to see you again at Centennial Stadium, Field A to support team of your community! 

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