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We are the winners of Annual Olympiakos Soccer Tournament!!!

On April 23 - April 24, 2016, FC Ukraine United participated in Olympiakos Annual Soccer Tournament which was held at L'Amoreaux Complex in Scarborough, Ontario & Mary Ward High School 3200 Kennedy Rd., Toronto ON, M1V 3S8. This tournament is held every year in the memory of manager of Olympiakos team Kostas Fardis. There were 12 teams in the tournament devided into 3 groups. Group A: Olympiakos, Master, Celtic FC, North Mississauga Group B: Lakeshore United, GS United, Scarborough Azzuri B, High Profile Group C: U21 High Profile, Queen's Park Rangers, Toronto Celtic, FC Ukraine United

First game in the group FC Ukraine United played against Toronto Celtic and won 1:0 The only goal was scored in the first half by Sergiy Sergeev.

In the second game FC Ukraine United beat QPR 3:0. Goal scorers: Andi Kararaj, Sergiy Sergeev and Vlad Koval.

Third and last game of the group stage FC Ukraine United tied 2:2 with U21 Hi Profile and finished first in the group.

1. FC Ukraine United 7pts 2. Toronto Celtic 6pts 3. High Profile U21 2pts 4. QPR 1pts

Semifinal: FC Ukraine United - Scarborough Azzurri 5:3 Final: FC Ukraine United - High Profile 5:0

We would like to thank to all our fans and sponsors who supported us through this tournament.

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