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Last year's winners FC Ukraine United will defend their title at 7th Annual Olympiakos Soccer Tournament In Memory of Kostas Fardis.

April 29th, 2017 - April 30th, 2017


L’Amoreaux Field 1 , 100 Silver Springs Blvd.

Toronto, ON M1V 1S4

L’Amoreaux Field 5 , Mary Ward High School

3200 Kennedy Rd. Toronto, ON M1V 3S8

Group A Group B Group C

Olympiakos Toronto HI Profile U21 FC Ukraine United

Scarborough Azzurri Toronto Celtic HI Profile

HI Profile O35 Queen’s Park Rangers GTA Gunners FC

Toronto Empire Thornhill Thunder U21 Markham City


Saturday April 29th, 2017

Field: L’Amoreaux #1

9:00 AM Scarborough Azzurri VS HI Profile O35

10:00 AM Toronto Celtic VS Thornhill Thunder U21

11:00 AM HI Profile O35 VS Toronto Empire

12:00 PM Olympiakos Toronto VS Scarborough Azzurri

1:00 PM FC Ukraine United VS Markham City

2:00 PM Thornhill Thunder U21 VS HI Profile U21

3:00 PM Toronto Empire VS Olympiakos Toronto

4:00 PM GTA Gunners FC VS Markham City

Field: L’Amoreaux #5

9:00 AM FC Ukraine United VS HI Profile

10:00 AM HI Profile U21 VS Queen’s Park Rangers

11:00 AM HI Profile VS GTA Gunners FC

12:00 PM Toronto Celtic VS Queens Park Rangers


Sunday April 30th, 2017

Field: L’Amoreaux #1

9:00 AM High Profile U21 VS Toronto Celtic

10:00 AM Scarborough Azzurri VS Toronto Empire

11:00 AM Olympiakos Toronto VS HI Profile O35

12:00 PM Queens Park Rangers VS Thornhill Thunder U21

Field: L’Amoreaux #5

9:00 AM

HI Profile VS Markham City

10:00 AM

FC Ukraine United VS GTA Gunners FC


1. Top 2 teams in each division make playoffs

2. Teams will be seeded 1 through 6. Seeding’s will be determined through

this order.

1. Points (Divison winners will get one of the first 3 seeds) 2. Plus Minus

3. Goals For 4. Goal Against 5. Coin Flip

1:30 PM 4th VS 5th

2:30 PM 3rd VS 6th

3:30 PM 1st VS (4th or 5th) GAME A

4:30PM 2nd VS (3rd or 6th) GAME B

Championship Game

5:30 PM Winner of Game VS Winner of Game B

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