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The Canadian Soccer League First Division will open its 2019 season earlier than previously scheduled and announced to now see CSC Mississauga at home to visiting SC Waterloo on Sunday, May 19, a 9 pm kickoff at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. The earlier kickoff will accommodate a five-month long regular season through to early October, to be followed by the post season playoffs and the CSL Championship Final later that month.

There will be five matches the following weekend when all 10 First Division teams will be in action, starting with the current CSL champions FC Vorkuta at home to expansion team Kingsman A SC, as previously announced. The opening games in the CSL First Division are:

Sun. May 19, Hershey Centre 9 pm CSC Mississauga vs SC Waterloo

Sat. May 25, Ontario Soccer Centre 6 pm FC Vorkuta vs Kingsman A SC

Sat. May 25, Heritage Field 6:30 pm Hamilton City vs SC Waterloo

Sat. May 25, Heritage Field 8:30 pm Brantford Galaxy vs Serbian White Eagles

Sun. May 26, Birchmount Stadium 8 pm Scarborough SC vs CSC Mississauga

Fri. May 31, Hershey Centre Stadium 9:00 pm CSC Mississauga vs FC Ukraine United

Six teams will kick off the CSL Second Division mid- June, each playing a 15-game schedule through to September followed by the CSL Second Division championship playoffs leading to the championship final in October. The teams are: Brantford Galaxy B, CSC Mississauga B, Hamilton City B, Kingsman B, Serbian White Eagles B and FC Vorkuta B.

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